VOZIA Evoke Floral Printed Shirt

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our floral printed shirts boast luxurious comfort and enduring quality:

Carefully Selected Yarn: Each thread meticulously chosen for its suppleness and durability. 🧵
Triple-Twisted Comfort: Our unique triple-twisted combed yarn creates a crisp, premium fabric that exudes sophistication. 🔄
Classic Sizing, Modern Cut: Timeless sizing in the shoulders and body, updated with a relaxed, regular cut for a contemporary silhouette. 👔
Reinforced Hem: Gussets reinforce the hem, providing added strength and ensuring longevity. 🛠️
Enhanced Comfort Stitching: Flat felled seams and lockstitch tailoring along the sides of the sleeves ensure enhanced comfort and durability. 🪡
Versatile Wardrobe Essential: From formal gatherings to casual outings, our floral printed shirts are a versatile staple suitable for any occasion. 🎉
Effortless Button Fastening: Thoughtfully designed button shape for easy and secure fastening. 🔘
Seamless Stretch: Stretch yarn reduces puckering at the seams, allowing for unrestricted movement and comfort. 🤸
Tailored to Your Preference: Whether you prefer a perfect fit or an oversized look, our floral printed shirts offer versatility to style it your own way. 👌