Keloid Specialist in Solapur maharashtra

When the inner, thick layer of skin (dermis) is wounded, skin cells respond by generating new collagen fibers to heal the damage and fill the gaps caused by the injury. These new fibers then form scar tissue, resulting in a visible scar. A keloid is a kind of scar that develops when the skin develops excessive scarring. It commonly occurs when there has been a previous skin injury.

Keloids can be treated, so you don’t have to live with them forever. The therapy involves superficial radiation and is quite effective in removing keloid scars. Keloid scar removal using ultra pulse SCAAR FX and Enerjet JVR has a success rate of greater than 90%. Keloids were once surgically removed, but they frequently reappeared. Keloids returned in 90% of patients following surgical excision. With superficial radiation therapy, that number drops drastically since only around 10% of keloids regrow.