Have blood pressure and diabetes shown improvement with the incorporation of millets into the diet

In recent days, many people are suffering from BP (blood pressure) and sugar (diabetes). Various health problems arise due to BP and sugar. Therefore, it is essential to control BP and sugar effectively. If any health problem arises, it is essential to pay attention to it and try to overcome it. Particularly, everyone should follow a proper diet. Many people are consuming millets these days. Foxtail millets, kodo millets, barnyard millets, little millets, and finger millets are commonly used. These grains are becoming popular due to modern lifestyle. By eating these millets, we can solve many health problems. Millets can help to reduce many problems such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, BP, and other problems. We can prepare food with these millets. We can prepare many items like curries, sweets, and kesar with these grains. We can also make cakes and biscuits with these grains.