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Fouad F Jabri | Articles on Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology & Biostatistics is Fouad F. Jabri. He had written publications regarding Inflammatory Bowel Disease as well as papers on epidemiology and biostatistics, among other topics.... Read More

Dr Mohammad Hasan Rajab | Research Papers on Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Dr. Mohammad Hasan Rajab has conducted extensive research in epidemiology and biostatistics, for which he has won numerous accolades and garnered acclaim on a global scale.... Read More

Emadeddin M Said Raddaoui | Clinical Pathology Research Papers

Professor of clinical pathology Emadeddin M. Said Raddaoui. Emadeddin received a number of honours and an American Board Certification in Clinical Pathology in 2013 for their contributions.... Read More

English Department| College of Science & General Studies

The goal of the English Department is to create a community of thinkers and doers where students can read broadly and critically both inside and outside of the classroom.... Read More

Physics | College of Science & General Studies

The study of matter, energy, and information is a focus of the Department of Physics. The department offers mathematics, physics, and astronomy undergraduate courses.... Read More

Chemistry | College of Science & General Studies

Chemistry is the area of science that examines the make-up, arrangement, and characteristics of substances as well as the modifications they go through in chemical processes.... Read More

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences | College of Pharmacy

The four-year department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers BS, MS, and PhD programmes in pharmaceutical science. Excellence in pharmaceutical sciences education and research is a priority for the department of pharmaceutical... Read More

Department of Pharmacy Practice | College of Pharmacy

A department with a high national ranking is the Department of Pharmaceutical Practice. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education has approved just our doctor of pharmacy degree programme.... Read More

Surgery, Obstetrics & Radiology

A comprehensive centre for cutting-edge medical care, the University of Alfaisal Medical Center is a national leader. We offer the best of both worlds as an academic medical centre: the... Read More

Pharmacology course in Alfaisal University

Pharmacology is the study of medications and how they impact living things. Scientists who study drug action, administration, and the results of inappropriate administration are known as pharmacologists.... Read More